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Terms and Conditions –

Please carefully read the Terms of Services before placing your order to These Terms of Services along with all other rules and policies relating to Services as stated on site, including Privacy Policy, (Collectively, the "Agreement") will provide you with clear and detailed information about what you can expect from services and forms a legal agreement between and you. Your use of's services constitutes acceptance of this agreement./p>

1: Images

For best results, please provide us with images that meet specific guidelines for resolution and file format provided by We work hard to ensure that the edited images return to you in high quality that is our asset. The returned image will be deemed "accepted" by you upon receipt, unless we get any reply from you within 7 days about any error in the edited images. Isshpat is committed to customer satisfaction and will work with them to correct any editing error. Customers are requested to review corrected images and either accept or reject the same in accordance with this Section 1 ("Images"). This process shall repeat itself until you are satisfied and edited images deemed accepted. deletes all images from its system after 30 days of their respective acceptance. is not responsible for the quality of images returned by customers in the event if images You originally submitted do not meet the's then-current guidelines.

2: Delivery of Edited Images returns the edited images to you via a public URL. Although, utilizes reliable means to make our customers' edited images available only to them, there are inherent security restrictions and limitations in a public URL which cannot and will not rectify. Moreover, will not be liable for such limitations. Customers are able to retrieve their edited images by downloading them from's website, and in some cases, may allow customers to retrieve images from its FTP server, API or through any other mechanism. The service prices may vary based on different delivery dates. There are different delivery tiers based on prices.

3: Payment

The prices of the image editing services ordered shall be set forth in price list then-in-effect when customer placed the order. reserves the right to change its pricing without prior notice. All payments shall be made in United States Dollars. Your payment will be processed upon submission of your order. will accept and start your order once the payment is verified. Customers are responsible to pay any applicable taxes, tariffs or duties relating to their orders, except taxes applicable on's income.

4: Rights to Use Image

Customers are solely responsible for use the images they submit. will review submission for inappropriate material and reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept or reject any image for any or no reason. By submitting an image to, You represent and warrant that You have the legal authority to enter into this Agreement with, that you have right to use any debit or credit card or any other payment method used to initiate any transaction, that the images you submit to do not contain any malicious materials, such as viruses and/or software codes that may harm's property.

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