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Removal of the background

Posted on 10 Jan 2016 / In Background Removal

Background removal is a process by which the desired part of image is extracted from the whole image and the desired extraction is made to have a transparent or opaque background. Background removal business has gained a great momentum as removing of background is very much required in various tasks like logo extraction for various organizations, for almost all shopping sites need this to be done reason being the products for sale have a clear background without any obstruction in the uniqueness of the product for sale. Background removal makes the product for sale easily identifiable and creates clarity for the specifications of the product via image.


Clipping Path may be easy or at the same time may require extra effort to achieve a quality product. Suppose there is select the image of a man whose background needs to be removed. The removal of background requires the selection of the element of the image which is essential part, so while selecting the figure, it is easy to select the parts which are straight like hands, legs but it requires great efforts for the selection of parts like fingers of hands and hair if the figure.

  • Select the image whose background needs to be removed through Adobe Photoshop. Then open that image in Photoshop.
  • Now, the main object selection is performed through various selection tools like for starters tools like quick selection tool and magic wand tool will work good. These tools are found in tool panel
  • Quick selection tool with "+" symbol in the center must be used, obtained by pressing shift key.
  • Select the area which needs to be removed by the click of the cursor and dragging it further.
  • To undo the selection hold alt key and "-"quick selection tool can be used.
  • Clicking on add layer mask button will lead to the removal of the background.
Further various steps are followed to obtain the quality desired by the designer. The process of background removal has a motive of having a very clear image without any interference from background. It has a utmost importance in digital graphics, Website, magazines covers and many more.

Few terms to understand:

  • Anchor point: The selection of the extraction part is done by a pen tool. Pen tool selects the boundaries and the small movements by pen are held by points called anchor points. These points act as the medium to connect to each other via anchor point. Click on any point leads to the generation of anchor point. If any wrong selection is made then the effect can get undo to the previously selected anchor point.
  • Bezier handles: The arm generated between two anchor pints is termed as Bezier handle. This handle is generated between the two anchor points made by clicking. The curves can be adjusted with the help of this handle. The top arm enable to adjust the next curve and the lower arm enables to adjust the previous curve.
Removal of background results in the uniquely identified object or the element of the image which may be the requirement of the client
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