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Privacy Policy – respects our customers and visitors privacy. We have established this Privacy Policy to protect you in Your capacity as a valuable user our site located. It is strongly advised to read Privacy Policy to learn how collects and uses information obtained from our site. If you have any questions regarding Privacy Policy and/or the Terms and Conditions, We strongly recommend you to contact Us.

By your visit to and use of, You agree to Our storing, processing, and using certain information according to the rules and principles instituted in Our Privacy Policy. We will keep the collection and use of Your information limited. We will collect Your information only when required in order to help You use or keeping You informed about the latest services offered by Us. We could use your information for analytical and statistical purposes, as specified herein.

Your Personal Information

Your personal information or personally identifiable information is any kind of information that can be used to contact and/or identify You. This information may include Your full name, e-mail address, and telephone. You are asked to provide Your Personal Information at the time of registering to

Personal Information Security

We take Your personal Information security very serious. We take appropriate, industry standard measures to protect Your personal information. However, You agree that no matter what measures We take, it is technically impossible for to guarantee 100% security of any personal information You share online. You accept the inherent security implications of providing your personal information on the web and will not hold Us responsible for any breach of your security or disclosure of your personal information, unless in the even when we have been negligent. Any login details, such as username and password allocated to you must be kept secret and must not be shared with anyone, unless has given you our prior written permission. will always maintain strict control over the security and confidentiality of your information. If you have consented or have given Us your e-mail address, we may periodically send you messages containing details of new services and products which we offer. You could opt out of receiving these e-mails at any time.

Your Personal Information Disclosure

We will not share, sell or transfer your personal information to any third party, except for as specified in the following cases:

  • We have your consent and/or authority to do so;
  • We have previously informed you of such transfer through an agreement or a disclosure;
  • We are required by law to share or disclose your personal information;

Personal Information Security

When you visit our site, our servers automatically collect certain information that is not considered as personally identifiable information, such as your IP address, number of pages you viewed, and length of time you spent on our site. We collect this information in aggregate only in order to diagnose bugs or problems in our servers, and also to improve our site, and to provide you with the content that is of your interest. We hold the legal right to share this particular information with partners and affiliates. Please note that We will not share your personal information.

Images Sent to Us to Avail Our Services provides services to remove background to those images that are sent to us by our customers. We will not use images sent for personal (private) or commercial use without Your prior consent. All images will be located at a public internet located after processing. The URL of that location will not be visible publicly or published publicly. We urge our customers (You) to use discretion in sending images that may be sensitive to You or to any third party. Under no circumstances will be liable for unauthorized transfer and/or transmission of images that do not belong to You.

Changing or Updating the Information We Hold About You

If you would like to change or update the information you used at the time of registration, you may do so by sending us an e-mail message.

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