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Over 10 years and have successfully served a great number of clients.

Our Ghost Mannequin Service

Our expert team of image editors can Ghost your product images like no one else can do. This is because we use both analogue and digital techniques to transform your product images. We guarantee that our services is a perfect alternative to flat lay photography. Our expert image editors can make your fashion images look fabulous by using the following techniques:

  • Ghost Mannequin Cutout, Clipping Path & Editing
  • Ghost Image Manipulation as well as many other similar techniques.
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Highly Experienced Image Editors

At Issh Path , we have over 10 years of experience in all aspects of Ghost Mannequin technique. Our team consists of highly professional and well-trained image and graphic design editors who are specialized in correcting mannequin in all types of photos. Our services are particularly very popular among our clients. This is mainly because our expert graphic design editors know the exact photo editing and enhancement techniques that would make your product pictures look perfect and 100% natural. If you choose our services, you can expect to get the following:

  • Ghost Mannequin image editing to exhibit the brand details in your fashion pictures.
  • Combination of front and back garment shots to create a holistic look to your ecommerce site visitors by combining.
  • Color adjustment and correction, as well as adjustment of white balance of your apparel. Enhancement of colors.
  • Addition, removal or modification of the image background.

Why Hire Us?

We assure you that all your finalized product images will be of high quality and free from any traces of techniques. No one will ever know that you've applied photo editing techniques on your product images. We also assure you that we will use all the best resources available to create flawless and eye-popping images for your products. We have a big team of photo editors who can work on your images within the fastest time possible.

In fact, Issh Path is the second name to premium quality, low-cost services with quick turnaround.

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