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Background removal is essential technique so the area of interest in an image can be given a due importance. The element of the image after background removal can be placed uniquely where ever required. Background removal also does a morphing of images like placing and individual's image at a scene of some country where that individual has never been.
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Photo editing – A Vast Subject

Posted on 25 Jan 2018 / In Image Editing

Memories were abstract, until technology revolutionised the history of human ideologies and perceptions. From capturing memories into a single thin film to the digitization of photographs into bits of data – truly the technology has left behind humanity.

One such application of photography is photo editing which have become the roots of various operations and tasks in today's epoch. Photo editing can be defined as the alteration, amending or modification of an image according to the user's requirement from the smallest resolution, pixel or the largest that an image can have. Photo editing can be done by various software tools depending upon the need or the level of requirement that is with higher professional requirement may require a higher level of tools where as a normal editing can be done by usual software applications.

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Removal of the background

Posted on 10 Jan 2018 / In Background Removal
Background removal is a process by which the desired part of image is extracted from the whole image and the desired extraction is made to have a transparent or opaque background. Background removal business has gained a great momentum as removing of background is very much required in various tasks like logo extraction for various organizations, for almost all shopping sites need this to be done reason being the products for sale have a clear background without any obstruction in the uniqueness of the product for sale. Background removal makes the product for sale easily identifiable and creates clarity for the specifications of the product via image.
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Clipping Path – Isolating the image

Posted on 1 Jan 2016 / In Clipping Path
Clipping path is termed as isolating the 2-Dimensional image from rest of the design elements. By clipping path such that the flow of rest of the elements do not overlap the object for which path is clipped. Clipping path is used when the designer does not want that the background image is visible. The image which needs to be clipped is selected firstly, then with the help of function keys it is isolated from its background, then after adjust the image as the designer wants. Clipping of the images results in the hard edge or soft edge of the image, depending on how fine the editor's work is.
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