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Key terms related to background removal

Posted on 1 Feb 2016 / In background removal

Background removal is essential technique so the area of interest in an image can be given a due importance. The element of the image after background removal can be placed uniquely where ever required. Background removal also does a morphing of images like placing and individual's image at a scene of some country where that individual has never been.

Following are the few steps need to be known for background removal through a pen tool:

Pen tool enables the designer to separate the background from the required image. Mentioned below are the terms that enable the beginner to learn few aspects for background removal:

  • How to place anchor points: To crop the background image from the essential element of the image, selection of the part to be removed is done. This selection is performed by pen tool using procedure of clicking by cursor and drag. Every click of the cursor generates anchor point stretched by a line till other anchor point is formed. Pen tool is the tool for selection so it enables to handle the shape of the element with curves and formations in it.
  • Correct positioning of anchor points: The positioning of anchor point is done by free hand so it is not obvious that the anchor point is kept at the exact position where it needs to be placed so with the help of Ctrl key kept holding the positioning of anchor point may be allowed to move certain elements of path. This process may be time consuming as it requires efficiency so it might be needed that this is repeated many times to achieve the point approximate to perfection. The path attached to the anchor point also moves along so a great attention is required to follow the process.
  • How and when to create multiple paths: multiple paths may be created for the elements that lie absolutely isolated. Multiple paths can only be created when the previous path of the other element is the same image is saved as a temporary path, then a new path is generated for the isolated image. Further these paths are merged to obtain the desired output.


  • Anchor point: The selection of the extraction part is done by a pen tool. Pen tool selects the boundaries and the small movements by pen are held by points called anchor points. These points act as the medium to connect to each other via anchor point. Click on any point leads to the generation of anchor point. If any wrong selection is made then the effect can get undo to the previously selected anchor point.
  • Bezier handles: The arm generated between two anchor pints is termed as Bezier handle. This handle is generated between the two anchor points made by clicking. The curves can be adjusted with the help of this handle. The top arm enable to adjust the next curve and the lower arm enables to adjust the previous curve.

Hence, using a pen tool requires lots of information to be know by the designer before beginning up for the process of background removal. Understand the concepts and great deal of practice as well as experience may result in a perfection of the output produced.

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